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Weaving Workshop and community Potluck

In this workshop you will learn about free-form weaving (where you create and build on a frame of your own making) and organic frame weaving (where a branch or other organic form provides the frame on which you create a weaving). The workshop includes how to gather materials, materials to use for weaving, creating different samples of weaving and an end project. The last day we will have a potluck lunch where you are invited to share a dish with your classmates, while working and completing your final weaving. Also on Sunday from 1pm to 4pm the community is invited to come and see what has been created in the workshop and what we have been creating in the studio.

Workshop Cost is $65 and includes materials. Please have and bring garden gloves to protect your hands. The workshop starts on Friday 12th at 3pm to 6pm. It continues to Saturday 9am to 4pm with 1 hour for a lunch break. The last day, Sunday, begins at 9 am with our potluck lunch at noon and then the community is invited (including your family) to come and see our studio and learn about the weaving from 1pm to 4pm. 


Instructor Heather Washburn has won awards for her organic frame weavings and joining her is her sister Erin Bartlett who together with Heather has created large free form commissioned sculptures using recycled materials. Both sisters learned to weave at a young age instructed by their artist mother. They gathered willow, grapevine, poplar, cotton fabric remnants and yarn to create baskets and have been weaving in different forms ever since.

If you are interested in taking this workshop please contact us at info@calico-studio.com Come see us! 1141 Smith Level Rd, Chapel Hill NC 27516.